Using Barter to Make Money

4 Tips to Follow when Bartering
If you are considering using barter in your business, there are some techniques that will enable you to maximise your profits and increase the value of your business.

These are:

  1. Use barter to maximise your sales by selling off your unused or obsolete stock at high prices. This could include using up empty space in hotels, or airline seats, or creating new sales channels by providing professional skills when there is downtime.

  2. Always think barter before making purchases for your business. This is important, especially for businesses just starting up. You may find that cash is very low at the start of your operation, so trade some of your products or services for the office furniture you need, or the advertising you require, or equipment needed.

  3. Train your suppliers to use barter if you can. When your suppliers approach you to sell products, see if it is possible to arrange that deal through barter.

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