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Television Advertising
Television is generally the most expensive advertising media and because it has such strong presentation through the use of sight, sound, movement and colour it is perceived as the best. TV advertising definitely works. Today's lifestyle, where most people spend hours watching TV elevates this media to a higher level than others.

Some call it the king of the advertising media. It has certainly proven its worth time and time again to advertisers. Television reaches a large audience and it is a media your business should consider if you have the budget to meet the high cost.

To obtain the best results from TV advertising your business should have sufficient funds. You need to pay for the production costs of the commercial as well as the advertising time that enables your ad to be shown at the appropriate times to reach the appropriate target viewers. It is not a media that you should consider if you can only afford to produce poorly created commercials.

You can buy less expensive time slots, such as late night. You can also place your advertising so that they show only two or thre...

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