Choosing an Accountant

Do you really Need an Accountant?
With the development in technology, computers and easy to use software, many people ask themselves – “Do I really need an accountant?” If you are a business owner and have reasonable experience in accounting, bookkeeping and other financial disciplines, you may be tempted to try to get by without having an accountant or a qualified financial person to help you. Your business needs may be simple e.g the completion of tax returns and wages, etc., so you may be able to cope by using basic software readily available on the market today.

There is plenty of accounting software available from companies such as Quicken, Microsoft, and others and many business owners use this to keep track of their business operation, carry out their bookkeeping and organise their finances. If you are in business and feel comfortable and experienced enough with keeping your own books, then you’ll probably find an accountant is required only on an occasional basis.

Most of your business day to day needs can be easily handled by you. When business matters arise which are a little bit mo...

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