About Accountants

What is an Accountant?
A qualified accountant is generally a person who has qualified by examination, received training and is skilled in the practice of accounting.  Accountants work in either the public sector or the private accounting sector.  The accountant is generally responsible for advising on the financial aspects of the business, as well as reporting on its financial results and looking after compliance matters such as taxation, regulations and government legislation.

A non-qualified accountant is a person who is not formally qualified by examination, but generally has the experience, knowledge and the skills to perform many of the functions expected and provided by a qualified accountant.

Accountants Can Be An Asset
There will always be times during the operation of your venture that you will need professional assistance to help you with certain areas of your business.  Many larger businesses can afford to have their own in-house accountant.  However, most small and medium businesses either do not need a f...

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